Flann Microwave design and engineer waveguide components and assemblies. The waveguide components carry radio frequencies and microwave signals in applications such as telecoms and radar.

We are looking to recruit a Fitter/Instrument Assembler/Precision Assembler. This can be a varied role and requires varying skills.

Take a look at the description below, if you think you could tackle the role, have finesse, an eye for detail, good hand eye coordination and have the patience for fine detailed work please contact us.

Does this sound like you?

~  Have a fastidious attention to detail, patience and a brilliant work ethic

~  Enjoy or have been employed as a Jewellery maker (Silver soldering)

~  Enjoy or been employed as a watchmaker/repairer

~  A keen Model Engineer who enjoys fiddling with steam engines and the like?

~  Have an engineering apprenticeship back ground?

Work Environment

You will mainly be working at a bench, using microscopes but there will be forge work where you will be flame brazing, soldering, deburring and also graining our product.

Due to the accuracy, we require a variety of measuring tools to be used. Micrometers, verniers, height gauges, ball gauges and DTI’s, are used to measure to tolerances of millimetres and microns (10microns = 0.01 mm)

Our products

These are some basic examples of our products for scale (notice £1 coin in both images).

Size dictates the frequencies that these parts work over, the smaller the waveguide (rectangular aperture) the higher the frequency. Generally we work over the higher frequency ranges, however, we can sometimes work from WG00 (image below) to some of the smallest sizes currently supported WM570 (where the broadest waveguide wall is 0.57mm in size).

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The Team

Paul joined Flann in 1983 with 10 years engineering experience.

“My previous experiences in precision engineering have definitely given me a sound foundation for this type of work.”

Paul is a well respected member of the team and has embraced the challenges presented as the market has moved up in frequencies.

Dom joined Flann in 2011 after attending for work experience.

“I am now considered as an experienced fitter within the company, but I am still learning some aspects of the job due to the variation of products and the skills required for millimetric/smaller work.”

During this time Dom has also trained to be a First Aider and is a representative of the Health and Safety Committee.

Mark joined Flann in 1999 after working as a car mechanic.

“I really like the 4 day week, the variation of my work and the new product ranges that I am involved with.”

Mark is now the Fitting Shop Clean Assembly Supervisor and is involved with in-house improvement projects to ensure the continued development in the working environment.