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  • Bandpass & Bandstop
  • Narrow bandwidths < 0.5%
  • 15% frequency tuning range
  • Passband designs within the 1 GHz to 45 GHz Range
  • Bus controlled or manual
  • High power versions
  • Very low insertion loss & high Q
  • Programmable – BUS Controlled GPIB or Manual
  • Other Interfaces available

Flann have developed a range of tuneable bandpass and bandstop filters. The generally excepted combination of high power handling with very low insertion loss, by convention, mutually necessitated the use of high Q cavity filters.

Flann have addressed these needs by designing new tuning techniques to derive mechanically tuned filters; such filters were previously regarded as not practically achievable.

The Flann tuning technique provides high reliability with a sustained repeatable performance.

Models with BUS control can be integrated into automated / remotely controlled applications.


Advantages of using Flann Tuneable Filters

Band Pass Type

• System designers can now use a single filter rather thannetworks of switched filters
• Power budgets have more margin than using varactor tunedfilters
• Mobile operators can meet tighter emissions criteria whenchannel switching
• Radio users can have frequency agility with better security

Band Stop / Notch Type

  • Radar operators can “low cost” test their own spuriousemissions
  • Communications users cantrace unwanted receivedsignals causing interference


Fixed Filters


  • In Rectangular, Single or Double Ridge Waveguide
  • Lowpass, Highpass or Bandpass types
  • Bandwidths from 0.1 % to 40 %
  • Passbands within the range 1 GHz to 130 GHz
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Harmonic types
  • Reflective and Absorptive