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  • Balanced Calorimeter
  • Low thermal time constant
  • Novel, high sensivity thermopile
  • High thermal insulation
  • Suitable for continuous immersion in air or water bath
  • Configurable with customer’s Thermistor


  • High accuracy power metrology and calibra! on
  • Transfer of RF power to DC power for measurement

2 versions:
Water Bath options, outline dimensions 570mm high x 239mm diameter. Weight 17kg.
Air Bath option, outline dimensions 325mm high x 239mm diameter. Weight 15kg.



The calorimeter has two identical thermistor detectors and a low thermal ! me constant which means the calorimeter equilibrates quickly. Insulating waveguide sections thermally isolate the thermistor. These allow standards organisations to calibrate thermistor power detectors for frequencies between 20-500GHz.

Important: Requires Thermistors


Custom Design

Custom built instruments can be supplied; please contact the sales team for more information.


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