FeaturesSystem top-launch waveguide adapter series 099, designed and manufactured by Flann Microwave, Bodmin, Cornwall, UK

  • TVAC Compatible
  • High Power Handling
  • Good VSWR
  • Compact
  • Low Cost


Our new 099 series of system top-launch waveguide adapters combine the best features of our wide range of WG to coax adapters to offer the recognised Flann quality in an unbeatable package.

With good VSWR across the full waveguide band, the new compact adapter is perfect for a wide range of applications where size, mass and cost are critical. TVAC compatibility and high-power handling comes as standard, with simple adaptability to include Low PIM features possible.

Currently available from 9.84 to 40 GHz with a K-type coaxial connector.

Improved VSWR models available on request.


Model NumberWaveguideFrequency Range (GHz)VSWR (better than)Dimensions (mm)Coaxial Connector
17099-KF8017751209.84-15.01.20TBCTBCTBCK (f)
17099-KM8017751209.84-15.01.20TBCTBCTBCK (m)
18099-KF80186214011.9-18.01.20TBCTBCTBCK (f)
18099-KM80186214011.9-18.01.20TBCTBCTBCK (m)
19099-KF80195118014.5- (f)
19099-KM80195118014.5- (m)
20099-KF80204222017.6- (f)
20099-KM80204222017.6- (m)
21099-KF80213426021.7- (f)
21099-KM80213426021.7- (m)
22099-KF80222832026.4- (f)
22099-KM80222832026.4- (m)
Typical VSWR, Model 22099-KF80:














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