Flann Microwave offers a comprehensive range of waveguide switches in both manual and motorised versions. A number of different control schemes are available including TTL, RS485 and Flann Switch Drivers

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Manual and Motorised Waveguide Switches

Series 333 and 333-*E

  • up to 330GHz
  • High Accuracy
  • High Repeatability
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DC-Motor Driven Waveguide Switches

Series 334-*E and WRD334-*E

  • Switching Time < 500mS
  • High Accuracy
  • High Repeatability
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DC-Operated 2-Channel Waveguide Switches

Series 336

  • 2.6 to 40.1GHz
  • Low Loss and High Power
  • High Speed
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Waveguide Switch, Power over Ethernet

Series 338

  • Power and remote control Ethernet
  • Models up to 330 GHz
  • High accuracy and repeatability
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Switch Driver

Series SD5902

  • For use with Series 333-*E Switches
  • Speed and Precision Modes
  • GPIB and USB
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Spaceflight Millimetric Waveguide Switch Series 330

  • Models up to 112 GHz
  • Stable performance at temperature extremes
  • Very low insertion loss
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