For use with Series 333-*E Switches


• Speed and Precision Modes of
• 19″ Rack Mountable
• Universal Line Supply

The Series SD5902 Waveguide Switch Driver is designed to control the Flann microwave range of Series 333-*E Precision Waveguide Switches. It provides the interface between an IEEE 488 Bus (GPIB) or Universal Serial Bus (USB) and Precision Waveguide Switches, and allows for manual operation with display of current status. The SD5902 will drive either a 2-channel or a 3-channel switch without the need to reconfigure.

The Series SD5902 operates on any mains supply voltage without the need to select.

Speed and Precision Modes of Operation

An important new feature of our GPIB based driver, when used in conjunction with series 333-2E and 333-3E switches, is user selectable “Speed” or “Precision” operating modes. In “Speed” mode the switch repositioning time is minimised by using all possible rotor positions. In “Precision” mode only one of the 2 possible rotor positions is utilised providing optimum microwave path repeatability by ensuring the same rotor position is used each time a particular path is selected. Users who do not require such precision should use the “Speed” mode, to optimise the setting time.


The opto electronic position sensors provide either two or four signals depending upon the type of rotor (2 or 3 channel). The outputs of the sensors are TTL compatible, positive logic. The motor output shaft drives the microwave switch rotor through a loose coupling, which is designed to allow the precision indexing mechanism to operate correctly without excessive settling time. Full power is only applied to the motor during switch repositioning.

System PerformanceMax Switching Time(2-Channel) 180ms* (Speed Mode), 475ms* (Precision Mode – worst case)
(3-Channel) 250ms* (Speed Mode), 500ms* (Precision Mode – worst case)
Power RequirementsLine Voltage90 - 264 V AC
Line Frequency47 - 63 Hz
Power Consumption50 W Max (Motor Running), 25W Max (Motor Stationary)
Supply Fuse20mm T2.5A Slow Blow (On rear panel)
Electrical SpecificationsGPIB Connector24-Way, compatible with Amphenol 57 Series (IEEE488 Standard)
Switch Output Connector15-Way D-Type Female
Switch Cable Length5 m Max
Motor Steps per Revolution500
Mechanical SpecificationsOperating OrientationAny
Dimensions (mm)58H × 483W × 300D (2.28"H × 19.0"W × 11.8"D)
Weight2.15 kg (4.74 lb)
Direction of RotationUnidirectional: Counter-clockwise when viewed from the top

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