Flann Microwave offers a comprehensive range of Polarisers covering frequency bands up to to 500GHz

Corrugated Polarisers

Series 651

  • Models from 3.94GHz to 173GHz
  • Operates at Relatively High Power
  • Produce RH or LH Circular Polarisation from a Linearly-Polarised Input
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Electrically-Switchable Polariser Series 652, manufactured by Flann Microwave, located in Bodmin, UK

Electrically-Switchable Polarisers

Series 652

  • Models cover 5.38GHz to 112GHz
  • Full Waveguide Band
  • TTL Driven
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Septum Polarisers Series 782 are designed and manufactured at Flanns self built factory in Bodmin, UK

Septum Polarisers

Series 782

  • Models from 2.60GHz to 330GHz
  • Linear to Circular Conversion
  • Customisable to Applications
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