• 1.85 mm V Connector®*
  • Low VSWR
  • Models Available in 3 bands from 33 GHz
  • Male or Female Connectors Available
  • Two Grades Available

The Flann adaptors fitted with 1.85 mm coax connectors incorporate a split pin centre conductor providing excellent reliability and repeatability; these adaptors can also be integrated with filters, couplers, attenuators and antennas. The model illustrated above is a 25094-VF50, fitted with a standard UG-385/U flange. Please contact our Sales Team with your requirements for all waveguide to coax adaptors. If you cannot find a suitable waveguide to coax adaptor in our extensive range we are able to design a model to your specific needs.


Range (GHz)
(better than)
23093-VF5033.0 to 50.023400221.4242916.6
23094-VF5033.0 to 50.023400221.3242916.6
23093-VM5033.0 to 50.023400221.4242921.2
23094-VM5033.0 to 50.023400221.3242921.2
24093-VF5039.3 to 60.024500191.4202514.5
24094-VF5039.3 to 60.024500191.3202514.5
24093-VM5039.3 to 60.024500191.4202519.3
24094-VM5039.3 to 60.024500191.3202519.3
25093-VF5049.9 to 67.025620151.330.43514.4
25094-VF5049.9 to 67.025620151.2530.43514.4
25093-VM5049.9 to 67.025620151.330.43519.2
25094-VM5049.9 to 67.025620151.2530.43519.2

* V Connector® is a registered trademark of the Anritsu Corporation

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