Waveguide to SMA Coax Adaptors Series 094-SF40


  • Very Low VSWR
  • Full Waveguide Band models
  • Manufactured from Brass or *Aluminium

The Flann Series 094-SF waveguide to coax adaptors offer enhanced VSWR performance over the full waveguide frequency band.

The adaptors are fitted with SMA Female connectors as standard. However, models are optionally available with male connectors, please contact our sales team for further details.

Narrowband models covering typically 20% of the full waveguide band with a VSWR of 1.05 are also available.

Please see Series 094-SF** for details.

Range (GHz)
(better than)
*Dimensions (Brass)
11A094-SF403.22 - 4.911A402291.1551.572.359
12094-SF403.94 - 5.9912481871.1560.278.524.5
13094-SF404.64 - 7.0513581591.1532.646.522.8
14094-SF405.38 - 8.1814701371.1535.846.521.4
15094-SF406.58 - 10.015841121.1237.548.519.8
16094-SF408.2 - 12.516100901.1234.545.317.9
17094-SF409.84 - 15.017120751.1226.234.517.1
18094-SF4011.9 - 18.018140621.1238.547.317
19094-SF4014.5 - 22.019180511.227.334.516.4
20094-SF4017.6 - 26.720220421.221.527.915.1


Narrow Band Waveguide to SMA Coax Adaptors Series 094-SF**


  • Very Low VSWR
  • Alternative Narrowband Models on Request
  • Brass or *Aluminium models available

For some applications, where full waveguide band operation is not essential, it might be desirable to opt for an optimised VSWR performance over a narrow band. For such applications Flann are able to offer narrow band models with a typical VSWR of beter than 1.05 depending on waveguide size and operating frequency range. Please contact our Sales Office in the first instance for assistance to identify the most suitable model for your requirement. Models are available fitted with either Male or Female SMA connector. Narrow band models fitted with Type N connectors are also available. Please see Series 094-NF**for details.

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