• Low VSWR
  • 360˚ Azimuth Coverage
  • 60˚ Elevation Coverage
  • Models within the range 1.5 GHz – 145 GHz available
  • Waveguide Interface Models available

The Flann Omni Directional Antennas series
MD249, provide 360˚ coverage in azimuth
and 60˚ coverage in elevation; these antennas
are suitable for applications requiring a good
all round coverage.

Typical applications include:-

  • Wireless LAN
  • Source Tracking
  • Outside Broadcast
  • Air to Ground Downlinks


Typical Specfication:- (Model MD 249-AA)
Specified Frequency Range
Functional Frequency Range
Nominal Gain
Gain Variation Elevation
Gain Variation Azimuth
Nominal Half Angle 3 dB Beamwidth
Nominal Half Angle 10 dB Beamwidth
VSWR (Max)
Typical Power Handling
RF Coaxial Connectors

59 GHz to 65.5 GHz All Broadband widths up to 2:1
50 GHz to 70 GHz All Broadband widths up to 2:1
2 dB
±1.5 dB
±1 dB
Typically Greater than 30˚
Typically Greater than 60˚
5 Watts
1.85 mm Male or Female or Type N, SMA, K for lower frequency ranges

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