• Power over Ethernet (PoE) control
  • Models from 8 to 110 GHz
  • 0 to 50 dB Range
  • Attenuation accuracy <0.1 dB or 2% (whichever is the greater)


  • Automated Test Equipment (ATE)
  • Bit error rate
  • Fade margin
  • Transceiver diversity

The new Series 624 Power over Ethernet range of Motorised Variable Attenuators off er high performance
at a competitive price.

Building on the success of the RS485 version of the Series 624, Flann now offers a Power over Ethernet version. As well as the advantages that come with the ability to send commands over an Ethernet connection, the instrument fully complies with the IEEE 802.3af Class 0 specification and therefore allows both power and communication through a single connector. The Series 624 Motorised Variable A enuators utilise the proven rotary vane principle and proven high accuracy over the full waveguide band.

Control is via PoE IEEE 802.3af Class 0. Other interface control options are also available – details on request.

Custom Design

Custom built instruments can be supplied; please contact the sales team for more informaion.


Please specify the following:

Example: 22624 UG-599/U a WG22 (WR28) Motorised Variable Attenuator fitted with UG-599/U flange.

Microwave Specifications

Waveguide designationFrequency (GHz)VSWR
(better than)
Insertion Loss
max (dB)
Power max
16100908.20 -
17120759.84 -
181406211.9 -
191805114.5 -
202204217.6 -
212603421.7 -
223202826.4 -
234002233.0 - 50.11.1510.3
245001939.3 -
256201549.9 - 75.81.1510.15
267401260.5 -
279001073.8 -


Attenuation Range: 0 dB to 50 dB
Attenuation Accuracy (better than): 0.1 dB or 2% which ever is the greater.
VSWR (better than): 1.15 : 1
Data and Voltage: IEEE 802.3af Class 0
Connector: Cat 5 Ethernet (RJ45)

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