• Ethernet Control Motorised OperationProgrammable Attenuator, Ethernet Series 625-03 designed and manufactured at Flann Microwave, Bodmin, Cornwall, UK
  •  +24 V DC Operating Voltage – mains
    adaptor is supplied
  • Models from 6.58 to 500 GHz
    (WG15, WR112 to WM570, WR2.2)
  • Full Waveguide Band Operation
  • 0 to 60 dB Attenuation Range
  • Attenuation Accuracy <0.1 dB or 1%
    (whichever is greater)
  • 0 to 60 dB Cycle Speed <1 second


  •  Automated Test Equipment (ATE)
  • Testing millimetre-wave Point to Point Radios
  • Bit error rate testing
  •  Fade margin testing
  • Transceiver diversity

The Series 625-03 Ethernet range of High Precision Programmable Attenuators utilise the proven rotary vane principle and Flann’s “Industry Standard” experience to offer very high performance at a competitive price.

This model is based on Flann’s highly respected Series 620/621 Rotary Attenuators, which offer high accuracy and high repeatability over the full attenuation range. In addition to the microwave performance expected of Flann, the Series 625-03 offers Ethernet control enabling connectivity from anywhere worldwide. The integrated touch screen display enables full manual operation where an Ethernet connection may not be available.

Repositioning time between 0 and 60 dB is less than one second.
Additional functionality features enable the instrument to be driven to higher attenuation values up to 90 dB.

Please note: The traditional CP2021 Control Processor is not required to drive the instrument.


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Model NumberFrequency Range (GHz)WaveguideVSWR (max)Maximum Insertion Loss (dB)Attenuation Accuracy (better than)Maximum Power (W)
15625-036.58-10.015-841121.150.25Greater of 0.1 dB or 1% (up to 60 dB)6
16625-038.20-12.516-100901.150.25Greater of 0.1 dB or 1% (up to 60 dB)4
17625-039.84-15.0017-120751.150.25Greater of 0.1 dB or 1% (up to 60 dB)3
18625-0311.9-18.0018-140621.150.3Greater of 0.1 dB or 1% (up to 60 dB)2
19625-0314.5-22.019-180511.150.4Greater of 0.1 dB or 1% (up to 60 dB)1.5
20625-0317.6-26.720-220421.150.6Greater of 0.1 dB or 1% (up to 60 dB)1.0
21625-0321.7-33.021-260341.150.8Greater of 0.1 dB or 1% (up to 60 dB)0.75
22625-0326.4-40.122-320281.150.9Greater of 0.1 dB or 1% (up to 60 dB)0.50
23625-0333.0-50.123-400221.151.0Greater of 0.1 dB or 1% (up to 60 dB)0.30
24625-0339.3-59.724-500191.151.0Greater of 0.1 dB or 1% (up to 60 dB)0.25
25625-0349.9-75.825-620151.151.0Greater of 0.1 dB or 1% (up to 60 dB)0.15
26625-0360.5-92.026-740121.151.3Greater of 0.1 dB or 1% (up to 60 dB)0.10
27625-0373.8-11227-900101.151.5Greater of 0.1 dB or 1% (up to 60 dB)0.07
28625-0392.3-14028-120081.181.7Greater of 0.1 dB or 1% (up to 60 dB)0.05
29625-03114-17329-140061.181.9Greater of 0.1 dB or 1.2% (up to 60 dB)0.035
30625-03145-22030-180051.222.5Greater of 0.15 dB or 1.5% (up to 50 dB)0.020
31625-03172-26131-220041.303.0Greater of 0.2 dB or 1.5% (up to 45 dB)0.015
32625-03217-33032-260031.503.0Greater of 0.2 dB or 1.5% (up to 45 dB)0.010
710625-03260-440-710-'2.8'1.754.0Greater of 0.3 dB or 2% (up to 35 dB)0.007
570625-03330-500-570-'2.2'2.205.0Greater of 0.4 dB or 2.5% (up to 30 dB)0.005

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