Flann are able to design and manufacture Directional Couplers for special customer applications. Shown below is an example of a special very high power coupler; many other configurations of multihole, branch guide and cross guide are available up to 330 GHz.


  • 20 kW peak at 30 GHz to 39 GHz
  • 30 % Bandwidth
  • Compact
  • Robust
  • Models up to 330 GHz

To provide the compactness of a crossguide coupler but with greater power handling capability, Flann have developed a special branchguide coupler design.

Evaluation has shown the coupler to be able to handle a pulsed signal of 20 kW peak through the main arm with no degradation over time.

The 20 dB coupler illustrated above has been manufactured in WG22 (WR28) and is capable of operating over a 30% bandwidth.

This model has been proven to operate at greater than 20 kW peak power.

ModelFrequency (GHz)Coupling (dB)Directivity (dB)
22140 - AC30 - 392020




In addition to our standard range of Multihole, Crossguide and Branch Guide Directional Couplers we are able to provide special and multiple couplers designed and manufactured to meet customer requirements. All Couplers can be manufactured in brass, copper or aluminium.

Customised designs for systems applicationsinclude:

  • Non-standard coupling values
  • Special configurations
  •  Custom designs for narrowband applications
  •  Multiple Element
  • Couplers integrated with other devices for example Attenuators, Phase Changers and Waveguide to Coax Adaptors.
  •  Compact, lightweight Aluminium units for system applications
  •  High Power applications

Double and Triple Crossguide Couplers

Among the most commonly requested special directional couplers are Double and Triple Crossguide Couplers. The elements of the coupler may have differing coupling values, coupling directions and port configurations. Special couplers are also available which include the integration of other devices such as attenuators, phase changers and waveguide to coax adaptors.

Due to the specialised nature of multiple element coupler applications it is not possible to detail fully specific models. Please contact our sales office to discuss your special application requirements.



Dual Multihole Couplers – Series 300

Flann is able to provide Dual Multihole Couplers designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of your special applications. The units may have coupling values, directivities, coupling directions and input/output ports configured to suit customer requirements. Please contact our sales office for applications assistance.

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