• Models 50 GHz to 173 GHz
  • Female and male models available
  • Low VSWR
  • Very low loss
  • Very compact
  • Precision 0.8mm airline connector

Flann are proud to announce the introduction of a 173 GHz Waveguide to Coaxial Adaptor using a precision 0.8mm connector.

The design offers the same compact construction as the Flann series 373-W 1 mm model but features a precision 0.8mm airline connector avaliable in both female and male variants.


Waveguide DesignationFrequency (GHz)VSWR*
(better than)
256201549.9 - 75.81.4UG - 385/U Mod
267401260.5 - 92.01.4UG - 387/U
279001073.8 - 1101.4UG - 387/U Mod
281200892.3 - 140.01.4UG - 387/U Mod
2914006114.0 - 173.01.5UG - 387/U Mod


*Models offering enhanced VSWR are also available – details on request.

Models with precision and anti-cocking flanges are also available – details on request

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