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  • Models 50 GHz to 112 GHz*
  • A practicable alternative to fl exible waveguide
  • Low Loss – Comparable to drawn copperwavelength
  • Low VSWR
  • Ideal for installations
  • Can be formed/reformed up to 6 times
  • Weatherproofed & Waterproofed

A low loss, hand formable waveguide section suitable for millimeter wave applications. At millimeter wave frequencies flexible waveguides are often not available or the performance and reliability are considered unsatisfactory. For most applications a low loss flexible section that could be bent or formed a few times might be all that is required.

To meet the needs of this type of application Flann have introduced the Series 562 range of Seamless Semi-Rigid Waveguides which provide a low loss formable section encased in a ruggedised jacket *, with an insertion loss comparable to that of drawn copper waveguide.

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Performed models can be built to customer requirments.
Custom built instruments can be supplied;
Please contact the sales team for more information


The data above shows the change in Insertion Loss of a 300mm length of a Flann WG25 (WR15) Semi Rigid Waveguide when formed 90o and strightened 3 times in the E plane then formed 90o and straightened 3 times in the H Plane. In each case the internal bend radius was 40mm

*Higher frequency models are avaliable – details on request

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