• Isolation > 50 dB
• Models up to 140 GHz
• Broad & Narrow Band Options
• High Polarization Purity 50 dB (typical)
• Circular or Square Guide Interface Options


• For Use With Dual Polarized Antennas
• For Polarization Diplexing

Flann’s OMT’s offer the high performance demanded by today’s communication systems, in which high polarization purity and high isolation are paramount.
The combination of low cross polar and high isolation characteristics provide optimum link performance.
Some examples of the models available are detailed in the table below.
Other models are available to suit many applications, frequency bands and power levels. Details on Request.

ModelIn-Line Port
Ortho Port
Port Isolation
X- Polarization (dB)Return Loss
Insertion Loss
15780 **7.25 -7.757.9 - 8.45050260.1
17780 **10.7 -12.7513.75 - 14.54848260.1
20780 **21.2 - 23.621.2 - 23.64747250.1
22780 **27.5 - 29.527.5 - 29.54545230.2

Complimentary components are available for a complete antenna fed system from:

– High performance lens horn Antennas
– Polarizers – linear and circular
– Filters and Diplexers
– Isolators
– Waveguide to Coax adaptors (including NEW range of end feed coax)

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