• Efficient HPA Combining
  • Full Power HPA Redundancy
  • High Speed Switching
  • Fully Integrated Solution


  • Mobile Installations
  • Fixed / Ground Installations
  • SNG Trucks

The Series 520 suite offers various solutions supporting multiple High Power Amplifi er configuration and combining requirements. The entry level CRU module routes the outputs of two HPAs to an Antenna and High Power Load as in a “Hot Standby” system. Or it combines both HPA outputs to an Antenna to increase power in difficult Satcom uplink budget situations.

The complete phase optimised Combiner / Redundancy System is available with a separate Hub Box and rack mount Controller or fully integrated into a single box controlled via a laptop dialogue box.

Typical RF specification
Frequency Range12.75 GHz - 14.5 GHz
RF Power handling> 1 kW on both channels simultaneously
System Insertion Loss (Redundancy Mode)< 0.35 dB
Switching Speed
(Combining to Redundancy Mode)
< 50 ms
VSWR< 1.25 : 1
Antenna Power Monitor-50 dB

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